I Welcome This Year With an Open Mind but More Importantly an Open Soul

Hello 2017,

I open my arms to you. I embrace you and the experiences you bring me. I choose to see the light in you that will fill my soul and I choose to accept the shadows that come with it.

2016 didn’t go to plan for many of us. I had one of the most crazy, difficult, passionate, achieved, happy and sad, years of my life and now I choose to leave it in the past. At times I will remember 2016 for the good and the bad, for my many achievements and for the few of my set backs. I will acknowledge this and I will let it go as ‘letting go’ is something I learnt to do in 2016.

In 2017 there will be no resolutions, however there may be some soul goals. In 2017 with my open heart and my open mind, I hope I can hold all that comes tumbling towards them.



My absolute favourite time of the morning. The sun has just started to peer through the curtain and it creates this radiant warm glow right where I lay.  Laid out beside me is this incredible human being, usually asleep when I wake. The bed is messy and our long pillow creates a barrier so I don’t fall out of the bed.

It is just pure perfection. I ooze with happiness and think to myself how I wish I could spend all day everyday in this beautiful lit bed under the warm blankets cuddled up to the one I love.