Something I will forever hold dear to my heart…


I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with 51 penguins the other day!

Both species, King and Gentoo, are beautiful loving animals and I wish I could spend all day, every day with the funny little creatures. To my surprise they loved to play and were quite sassy when they wanted to be. Each penguin had a name that their trainers could remember.

I do believe in animal conservation and protection and if I am being honest I am not sure if these penguins (rescued) were living their lives to the fullest in their enclosure. I know the bare minimal on zoo animals so I don’t want to be criticised for spending some time with these guys… but I would like to learn more in order to know what I should and shouldn’t support.

In terms of my anxiety- I was sick most of the morning before hand and a little after. Once I was in with these gorgeous birds though I didn’t feel a thing (other than the FREEZING cold!) and I had a blast. I am so glad my mind was able to stop and just appreciate this beautiful moment…

I guess exposure therapy isn’t all that bad.

Two Agnostic People Walk Into a Buddhist Centre…

Thursday we drove through the damp rainforest outside of Mooloolah Valley in search of the Buddhist Centre called the Chenrezig Institute. I have lived in Mooloolah almost all my life and had no idea the place even existed. I would see Buddhist monks walking through the town and I didn’t blink an eye at it; it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and I am glad I didn’t think it was (still don’t).

After a bit of a struggle (finding the road and then the car trekking through the mud, up and down steep hills to get there)  we came to the entrance. Two little statues greeted us and the gravel road to the carpark was surrounded by beautiful thick, green trees with colourful flags hanging in them.

We followed a family up some steep stairs and came to this beautiful statue. It had no description so I am unsure as to what it signifies.


We ran to the bathrooms first as my anxiety affects my bladder and the drive was painfully long due to my horrible directions. In the bathrooms there were signs asking you not to hurt the insects and to close the toilet lid in prevention of doing so.

There were beautiful prayer wheels and little ornaments and trinkets placed or hanging all through out the area.




There was an area called the ‘Gompa’ which was where the meditations were held. We were unable to go in and we respected that so we peered in from the outside and I’ve never seen something quite like it. No good photos were taken of it but here is a little bit of the outside.

We mucked around and took some yoga photos as you can see. Of course being respectful of the area and such. It wasn’t as strict as I am making it sound. People were walking around chatting and there was a cafe, a store, people who had been staying in the retreat, buddhist monks and then guests. It wasn’t a big area but it was big enough. 12999698_1577508535911402_1554075764_o (1).jpg

Overall it was breathtaking. I haven’t written much because I just can’t describe it… If you ever want to experience a different way of life, without having to leave the country, this little institute makes you feel like you’re in a completely different world.

The Beautiful Glasshouse Mountains



I’ve lived on the Sunshine Coast for all of my life. From Caloundra, Mooloolah, Landsborough, Beerwah and Glasshouse Mountains; these small towns have been my home.

It has taken me years to appreciate my surroundings and I have just come to realise how blessed I am to live in such a gorgeous area.

This year I’ve made it my mission to see more and do more within my local region. From climbing the Glasshouse Mountains to visiting small cafes in search for the best coffee; I want to explore every nook and cranny within my postcode.  It’s interesting though how little I know about the areas I have lived in. I lived in Mooloolah for 15 years and only now have I discovered there is the Chenrezig Institute (a Buddhist centre/temple) 2 minutes up the road from where I had lived. Josh and I plan to go visit next week!

Nowadays I live within the small town of Glasshouse Mountain which is smack bang in the middle of a clump of mountains dubbed The Glasshouse Mountain. We’ve climbed a fair few (Ngungun, Wildhorse, Beerburrum) and hope to conquer them all this year.

I have always loved them I just haven’t appreciated them. Whether it be from afar or up close, beating my chest like Tarzan at the summit. Tourists appreciate them and I never thought anything of it. I didn’t notice their frequent flow and I had no clue my little town could attract such diverse culture.

Well the tourist flow led us to discover a lookout minutes away from where we lived. You can see all of the mountains and you can see out to the sea. How I hadn’t heard of this before I don’t know!?

It is gorgeous. You can see everything. There is information and maps on the area and simply put it is just a small area on the top of a hill with the perfect view. We had been a two times before only briefly but we didn’t appreciate the beauty like we did today. Deciding to walk the circuit was breath taking.

We chatted, took some photos, did some yoga; it was lovely. I’m glad we are being more open minded and found this place. I believe there are so many gorgeous places to see within my reach!

Oh how blessed I am to have this country as my home and how thrilled I am to have this as my backyard…




A Plastic Society

Jeff Bridges shared a video informing us of our large consumption of disposable plastic products. Find it here. I took his post as an opportunity to share my thoughts on the matter here.

Plastic doesn’t decompose like our food scraps do. Paraphrasing Jeff, our earth can’t stomach it. We downcycle it which is basically trying to find a way to reuse it. Usually it gets turned into a product of lesser quality but eventually it is just not reusable anymore. The motive behind the method has an eco friendly ring to it however it is just prolonging the inevitable.

We NEED to limit our use of disposable plastic products. Don’t believe me yet?

Australians use over 2 billion disposable nappies a YEAR, that sit in our dumps and landfills. I was doing my research on the matter when I came across a blog that specifically dove into what disposable nappies are made of. Find Green Kids blog here and do your research. Summarising Green Kids, the synthetic material used on your baby’s bottom is in fact polypropylene plastic. They’re bleached and perfumed, full of elastic and petrolatum. Imagine the earth trying to break that down and they’re just so good for your baby’s skin, right?

Now I’ve never had a child to be put in the situation of cloth vs. disposable nappies and I am not judging anyone who uses either. I know people who use both and being a parent would be difficult enough without the pressure of people forcing you into using a certain type of nappy. I am just stating some facts behind my opinion of limiting our plastic products. Eliminating plastic in anyway you can WILL help this planet and maybe reusable nappies IS your way.

Moving on to a choice I recently made to benefit the environment (and my body), using reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups. Tampons and pads are full of the same paper pulp in nappies. LunaPads shares on their website that in North America over 20 billion disposable pads and tampons reach and clutter landfills annually. I am unsure the estimated number within Australia but I am assuming it is large. Again, our earth can’t break them down. I understand it’s a personal hygiene choice but your plastic pads are harbouring nasty bacteria. I might go into depth someday about my choice to switch but for now don’t you think killing the earth is a good enough reason?

Everyone uses plastic spoons, cups, forks, straws, bags, wrapping etc. The list goes on. Do we need to use these though? The answer is NO we don’t. We have an environmentally friendly alternative for a lot of disposable plastic products, so why don’t we make the switch?

I recently saw a video of man in India making edible spoons from substances such as wheat. I doubt it would have been tasty… but they decompose within 4 days! What a man. We need humans looking for alternatives, not settling on what we have.

So take this as a sign, eliminate one form of plastic. It isn’t as hard as you think.


I know this is not related to anxiety but my blog is going to be full of my opinion and all of that comes full circle.