The Journey

Hello beautiful humans!

I’m Teigan! A girl from The Sunshine Coast, Australia.

A little bit of info: this blog used to be solely dedicated to my troubles facing anxiety. Since starting I have come to realise that my life is a lot more than just a mental illness and my blog should represent more than just that side of me. So I wish to use this blog to still share my experiences with anxiety, but to also share my style of holistic living, my love for crystals, my passion for all things Yoga and my high vibin’ attitude towards life. A lot of older posts hold very negative energy but it is part of me so I have accepted that.

In no way am I perfect, or in no way could I tell you how to achieve a perfect life (not that you would want it anyway. Life is all about the fun stuff!) but I’m here to share with you my journey along this long and beautiful winding road… And mainly I feel like writing is a form of therapy, so here I go! I am more than excited to get anything (embarrassing stuff too) and everything that flows through me OUT and into the universe.

So buckle up because we’re about to go full speed into my wonderfully imperfect life!

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