Do You Want to Meet the Crew?

If you saw me in the street you would probably think I’m just some average joe. If you walked into my space and into my life, well you might just think I am the towns crazy lady. And no! Not the the dirty old one that hoards old glass bottles and cat poop! The one that’s always burning candles, taking her crystals outside to charge andย accidentally gets dressed with the windows open (ok, this has happened twice! But I’m sure my poor elderly neighbours are over it!)

So yes, my little collection of crystals is beginning to grow. I plan for these suckers to take over the world! Or just my house, my car and my partners belongings too… But anyway, they will be everywhere.

I sleep with them under my pillow, I have them rest on my bedside table, I take them in the shower with me or on long drives, I even have a naughty corner for the ones that have been TOUCHED by someone else’s energy! Queue Finding Nemo: HE TOUCHED THE BUTT!

But in all seriousness, if someone touches your crystals, wash that shit ASAP! Get their energy off something that is meant to be radiating with yours. No need to mix energy, it’s like shaking hands as a kid after you have spat in them. NASTY.

So far, my collection is the basics. I’ve hand picked each crystal based on what I felt when I saw them. I would know instantly, or almost instantly, which one my soul needed most. The basically create a chakra set (which was unintentional!) and without further ado, here are my babies:

Red Jasper, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazul, Turquentine, Tigers Eye and Rose Quartz.


(Rose Quartz and Turquentine aren’t featured here due to reenergising!)

I’ll be sharing each stone, their meanings and their energy to me in individual posts a long the way so feel free to stay tuned for them and the newbies I have to come!

So, there’s the crew. They hang out with me almost everywhere. I recently bought turquentine for my plane trip this upcoming week! I’ll keep you in the loop with my crystals and you should share your views or own crystals with me!

Love and light my homies.

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