Knowing When Enough Is Enough

Everything is crazy beautiful right now. I’m so humbled by those who surround me with love and support. My home, my belongings, my lifestyle, my achievements- all of it is a blessing.

Yet I find myself concerned with the negative aspects. Those people who try to bring me down a notch to build themselves back up. It’s hard to escape. I feel toxic when I act out emotionally at those who love me from the stress put on my shoulders by those who I’m not sure do. But I love them all, so how do I know when it is time to weed out their roots when I’m so attached.

A person/people that could hurt me over and over again and still see their doing no wrong.

A person/people that asks for my advice but never takes it.

A person/people that picks on me for what I say and how I say it.

A person/people that affiliates with those who broke my confidence.

A person/people who pretends to care.

I love people that do this and more. I don’t want to cut ties but their negativity drains my soul. Their words spark my anxiety. How do I know enough is enough?




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