Good Morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I have no set plans for today. I think I will send some emails, do some work on the computer, do a little yoga and then resort to a nice cool afternoon playing The Witcher. Getting in touch with mother nature, right?

I haven’t spent a full day at home in a little while and I think it’ll be nice.

Updates on my anxiety? I’m still a nervous wreck, but in all honesty I’ve seen so much self improvement. I can sit out for coffees now without it being the worlds end. I drive. I go places by myself. I even had a dentist appointment that I didn’t completely freak out for. They aren’t huge improvements, my anxiety still lurks over my shoulder like a shadow, but any improvement is better than none.

So I’m going to go now and spend the day however I spend it.

Sending love your way. xx

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