Psychics and My Apparent Gluttony

All that it cost me was 5 minutes out of my life, why not?

Well I didn’t know what I was expecting. I know little to none about card reading- in fact I am not really sure if there are specific kinds and what kind I underwent. My sister was itching to do it. So when she sat down to have her $5 card reading she offered to pay for mine and I thought why not.

The long haired woman took me behind a room divider and we sat down at a messy purple clothed table with piles of cards on it. I wanted to take a photo of it- I love to document things and it would have been cool to put it on my blog- but the woman was slightly intimidating, she also never let me get a word out through the whole reading.

I have mixed emotions about my 5 minutes at the reading table. She pulled out a stack of cards and waved them around with her eyes closed like she was blessing. That was cool I thought, it felt slightly corny but had some authenticity to it.

She then asked me to pick a card, any card, so I chose one that was blue.

I don’t know how the card reading works but basically I chose this card which was titled FOOD.


The woman commented on how boring that card was and for some reason it made me feel a little bit insignificant.

She stated that the card in a literal sense meant to eat healthy etc. but to also take care of my body and treat myself right. She was writing on a small piece of paper everything that she said and stated that my mind, body and soul need my help.


As a whole the card made sense. I am in the process of working on my healthier lifestyle. I’m finding healthy alternative foods, I’m learning about my body and what it needs, I’m taking the time to exercise and nourish myself. So, yes as a whole I can see how the card related to me, but I thought I was already taking care of myself?

Next she pulled out a purple card with the Archangel Zadkiel on it. She would close her eyes every so often and tell me ‘they’ were talking to her. I was assuming spirits or angels or something… I have no clue.

She told me I needed to ask Zadkiel for help with my career and future path. Right now I’m pretty confused about my future so I felt bit of a connection there… but isn’t everyone confused about their future?

Then she told me ‘they’ were telling her I need to choose where I want to spend my money. She hit the nail on the head there and she also said I blow my money on irrelevant things. I do really need to knuckle down to buy a car.

‘They’ told her there was a form of study in my life. She asked if I was currently studying and I told her I’m on a break. “They insist that study is important in your life,” she stressed and then quickly moved on.

The hippie looking woman, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me, told me I had big dreams and ideas that I don’t move on. I believe that. I want to teach yoga in my own home studio but I haven’t done anything to move towards that goal. It feels unreachable right now for me, but this woman insisted I move towards these dreams.

She was writing all this down on that small piece of paper still and then she jotted down my birth date (she asked for it, didn’t predict it so I was disappointed with that). After scribbling a bit and counting she mumbles, “Ahh, good.”


I had no clue what she was talking about. What was good? You wrote down the number 3 on the paper. What is so good about that? 

The number had something to do with this being my 3rd year with something ( I HAVE NO IDEA) and that it meant 2016 is my year to try out all my ideas.

“This year will be the year for you to dive into different things and if they don’t work out that is okay,” she assured me, “2017 will be the year you take action with your important goals and achieve them.”

After that she basically ushered me up from the table. I guess my five minutes were up. My sister was waiting for me who excitedly told me how her reader knew all these crazy facts about her and the names of people that had affected her life- all that juicy stuff.

It left me a little disappointed that my reading didn’t deliver anything great. Am I that boring? People don’t attract to me very well, maybe that woman couldn’t get anything on me… or maybe she was just full of crap.

Throughout the whole reading the lady didn’t let me speak unless I was answering her questions and if I managed to get a word in she looks displeased. I’d like to do a reading again, maybe with someone that has a little more patience with me.

As we were walking away the woman that card read for me turned around to her partner and said, “Did the sister pay?”

Again it didn’t make me feel that significant (and yes my sister paid).

We were able to keep the cards we had chosen and the woman also gave me the piece of paper she was writing on. At the back, right at the bottom, the last thing she wrote was, “Make sure this year you dream- focus on what you want.”


I liked that- my goal has been to make this year about me.



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