A Few Thoughts From the Day…

Ok! It’s the morning, it’s beautiful and you’re loving life! 

No, no, no… Don’t cry because of that. That’s silly… Why are you tearing?


Ok, good, move on.

If I eat that will I get sick? 

I can’t eat ANYTHING!

I need to cry. 


Let’s climb a mountain today!

You can’t climb a mountain today…


Clean the bathroom… spend some time with the other half. Good. Relaxing.

Why does it not look clean? I’ve been in here for nearly an hour. 

Did I seriously just spill conditioner everywhere!?

Here we go… 


In a nutshell some days are easy, some are really rough and some are in the middle. My mind is running like a bullet a gate and today was full of the water works… it still is. Hope for some better feelings tomorrow. 


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