Two Agnostic People Walk Into a Buddhist Centre…

Thursday we drove through the damp rainforest outside of Mooloolah Valley in search of the Buddhist Centre called the Chenrezig Institute. I have lived in Mooloolah almost all my life and had no idea the place even existed. I would see Buddhist monks walking through the town and I didn’t blink an eye at it; it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and I am glad I didn’t think it was (still don’t).

After a bit of a struggle (finding the road and then the car trekking through the mud, up and down steep hills to get there)  we came to the entrance. Two little statues greeted us and the gravel road to the carpark was surrounded by beautiful thick, green trees with colourful flags hanging in them.

We followed a family up some steep stairs and came to this beautiful statue. It had no description so I am unsure as to what it signifies.


We ran to the bathrooms first as my anxiety affects my bladder and the drive was painfully long due to my horrible directions. In the bathrooms there were signs asking you not to hurt the insects and to close the toilet lid in prevention of doing so.

There were beautiful prayer wheels and little ornaments and trinkets placed or hanging all through out the area.




There was an area called the ‘Gompa’ which was where the meditations were held. We were unable to go in and we respected that so we peered in from the outside and I’ve never seen something quite like it. No good photos were taken of it but here is a little bit of the outside.

We mucked around and took some yoga photos as you can see. Of course being respectful of the area and such. It wasn’t as strict as I am making it sound. People were walking around chatting and there was a cafe, a store, people who had been staying in the retreat, buddhist monks and then guests. It wasn’t a big area but it was big enough. 12999698_1577508535911402_1554075764_o (1).jpg

Overall it was breathtaking. I haven’t written much because I just can’t describe it… If you ever want to experience a different way of life, without having to leave the country, this little institute makes you feel like you’re in a completely different world.

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