The Beautiful Glasshouse Mountains



I’ve lived on the Sunshine Coast for all of my life. From Caloundra, Mooloolah, Landsborough, Beerwah and Glasshouse Mountains; these small towns have been my home.

It has taken me years to appreciate my surroundings and I have just come to realise how blessed I am to live in such a gorgeous area.

This year I’ve made it my mission to see more and do more within my local region. From climbing the Glasshouse Mountains to visiting small cafes in search for the best coffee; I want to explore every nook and cranny within my postcode.  It’s interesting though how little I know about the areas I have lived in. I lived in Mooloolah for 15 years and only now have I discovered there is the Chenrezig Institute (a Buddhist centre/temple) 2 minutes up the road from where I had lived. Josh and I plan to go visit next week!

Nowadays I live within the small town of Glasshouse Mountain which is smack bang in the middle of a clump of mountains dubbed The Glasshouse Mountain. We’ve climbed a fair few (Ngungun, Wildhorse, Beerburrum) and hope to conquer them all this year.

I have always loved them I just haven’t appreciated them. Whether it be from afar or up close, beating my chest like Tarzan at the summit. Tourists appreciate them and I never thought anything of it. I didn’t notice their frequent flow and I had no clue my little town could attract such diverse culture.

Well the tourist flow led us to discover a lookout minutes away from where we lived. You can see all of the mountains and you can see out to the sea. How I hadn’t heard of this before I don’t know!?

It is gorgeous. You can see everything. There is information and maps on the area and simply put it is just a small area on the top of a hill with the perfect view. We had been a two times before only briefly but we didn’t appreciate the beauty like we did today. Deciding to walk the circuit was breath taking.

We chatted, took some photos, did some yoga; it was lovely. I’m glad we are being more open minded and found this place. I believe there are so many gorgeous places to see within my reach!

Oh how blessed I am to have this country as my home and how thrilled I am to have this as my backyard…




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