Mind and body medicine

Food was the first and foremost thing on my mind as we walked across the crossing in the shopping market. Getting in and getting out is always my method for almost anything and usually I’m ok with that. I noticed the Health store looked awfully welcoming that day and suggested to Josh we have a look considering we’ve been living here for how long and never blinked an eye at it.

It was a good choice. I am always open to finding nurturing methods to benefit my wellbeing so we just browsed the shelves. Then, finding a piece of paper with the words Yoga on it drew me in. Never have I practiced in a class. I’ve always told myself, “Hey, if you struggle going to a doctor’s appointment for 10 minutes then how will you survive a 45 minute Yoga class that you’ll probably fart really loud during.”

Anxiety says, “Yeah… NOPE.”

So it was wishful excitement and it definitely didn’t feel like a possibility. Not until I randomly asked the owner about the private meditation on the flyer (it looked like a safer option). She informed me a bit about it and it wasn’t what I was after. Then I mentioned I loved yoga and was just too anxious to start a class. To my surprise she specialises in yoga therapy!

Long story short, this little chicky is going to learn the philosophy of yoga! My anxiety is through the roof, especially since I booked my session in, but I am also excited. Being excited is a huge step up from where I used to be. A social event that another human would consider fun was HELL in my mind, there was no excitement, just fear. Feeling this excitement is refreshing.

I am positive this will be beneficial. Treating the mind and body go hand in hand right?

I’m also curious to know whether yoga therapy has worked for others, don’t be afraid to share your experiences with me.





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