So it begins…

Already I feel this blog could spiral into something dark. That, however, is not my intention. I don’t really know what I ‘intend’ to do with this or where I ‘intend’ to take it. I believe I’m experimenting.

Writing about anxiety could either be a sweet release OR a brooding obsession. One in which I will mull over my incapabilities to function ‘normally’. In saying that I do feel, as I sit and write exactly (well not exactly– some words are used to make me sound more photosynthesis) what I’m thinking that this sweet release is another path on my journey to leading a kickass life.

I would like to disclose that I am not in any way ‘good’ at writing and I use quotation marks a lot because I’m overly sarcastic. This blog is just my thoughts spewed out for all of the internet to see. Yes, I’ve tried a diary but I couldn’t remember to write in it. This feels more modern though, I think I could come to love it.

So… if you’re reading this I’m surprised and happy. I hope you find something here that helps you.


Love & light. 


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